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Hello, my name is Sebastian. People often have high expectations for the events they throw for loved ones. The event must go perfectly as planned to show their guest of honor the level of respect expected by the individual in charge of arranging the party. A party planner can ensure that all events far exceed expectations to make a lasting impression on the guest of honor and all of the attendees. On this site, I will talk about the different services offered by party planners. I hope you will follow along to learn more about party planners.

Learning about Party Planners

Put On A Great Fashion Show By Renting Everything You Need From An Event Rental Company

by Stanley Pierce

As a fashion designer, it is important to get your fashions seen by as many people as possible if you want to succeed. Having a fashion show that highlights your latest designs can be a great way to make your brand more well-known and get you the recognition you need for success. The following guide walks you through a few ways to throw a great fashion show.

Create a Catwalk

Event rental companies often have stages available for rent. You can rent a few of the stages and line them up end-to-end to create a catwalk for your models to walk down to show off your clothing line.

Rent an Arch

Rent a tall arch to put at the beginning of the catwalk to drape large pieces of fabric over to make a curtain for the models to walk from behind. This will ensure everyone is surprised with each piece of clothing that comes out because they will not be able to see it before the model hits the runway.

Rent Lighting

The event rental company will have lighting available that you can rent. You want to be sure that there is ample lighting shining on the catwalk so that everyone can see the detailing of your fashions.

Rent Sound Equipment

You will need to announce what the name of each piece is as it is being modeled on the catwalk. Renting sound equipment ensures that everyone is able to hear you regardless of where they are in the room.

Rent Chairs

You need to be sure that all of your guests have a place to sit when they come to the show. Find out how many people the fire code allows in the facility at one time to know how many chairs you should rent. Be sure that you have chairs for the models to use while they are getting their hair and makeup done too.

The event rental company will deliver and pick up all of the items that you rent from them so that you do not have to worry about how you are going to transport the items on your own. Once the rentals are set up, take the time to do a few tests to make sure that the lighting and sound are perfect. When the show is complete, the company can come and get the items to make clean up quick and easy for you.

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