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Learning about Party Planners

Fun Ways To Decorate Standard Folding Chairs For An Event

by Stanley Pierce

If you are hosting an outdoor event in the near future, and you have several guests attending, chances are you will need to rent several tables and chairs if you plan on serving food or if you wish for attendees to have a place to rest. Many people rent folding chairs from a rental service as they are easy to transport and are relatively inexpensive compared to other models. If you wish to add some spice to your party atmosphere, consider trying one of the following tips to incorporate color and texture to plain folding chairs.

Add Some Festive Color With Ribbon

One great way to add color to your chair is with the addition of ribbon strands. Measure the height of a chair from the top to bottom and double the number. Measure a strand of ribbon to this amount and subtract an inch or two from the total so the decoration will be an ample distance from the floor after it is attached. Fold the piece of ribbon in half and drape it over the back of the chair. Tie it into place underneath the back rest. The tails will hang down in the back of the chair. Do this with several ribbons for an easy bit of decor without spending a lot to obtain it.

Bring Out The Smiles With Balloons

If your event involves children, adding balloons to the chair backs is a great way to get attendees into the party spirit. Consider drawing faces or writing guests' names upon the balloons with a black marker to give them a whimsical appearance. Helium-filled balloons can be tied directly to the chair back or if you would rather, air-filled balloons can be taped to this backs of the chairs instead. To avoid having excited children pop the balloons, inform them that there is a prize hidden inside of each one and everyone will be popping them together to reveal the secret. Wait until the end of the party to let the surprise loose!

Give Chairs A Bit Of Beauty

When someone hosts a wedding, they may want to stick with an elegant theme throughout their special day. Chairs can be dressed up with silk flowers to give them the aura of romance and togetherness. Purchase several artificial blooms from an area craft store. These can be attached to pieces of taffeta or lace and tied across the backs of the chairs horizontally. Make sure there are no flowers upon the portion facing the seated guest. Accomplish this by tying the material first. Afterward, hot glue the flowers to the knotted portion on the back.

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