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Hello, my name is Sebastian. People often have high expectations for the events they throw for loved ones. The event must go perfectly as planned to show their guest of honor the level of respect expected by the individual in charge of arranging the party. A party planner can ensure that all events far exceed expectations to make a lasting impression on the guest of honor and all of the attendees. On this site, I will talk about the different services offered by party planners. I hope you will follow along to learn more about party planners.

Learning about Party Planners

Try Your Luck With A Casino-Themed Fundraising Event

by Stanley Pierce

If your organization is looking for a classy and fun way to raise money, one option is to throw a casino party. This is not a fundraising event involving gambling. The games are all meant to be in good fun. Rather than wagering real money, the tables use fake money. However, check with local authorities to determine if you still need a permit in order to hold the event. To make the fundraising event and future events effective, the casino party needs to be a big hit.

Choosing The Games To Play

For the event to be successful, the games should be well-known or should be games that will not be difficult to teach to the guests. Roulette, blackjack, and poker are common options. You may also be able to rent slot machines or a video poker machine that is entirely free and only for fun. However, it doesn't hurt to have one or two games that offer an opportunity for participants to learn a new casino game. Another option is to hold workshops on how to better play poker. 

Decorating The Event

Part of the fun of a casino party fundraiser is the ambiance. Guests should be made to feel that they are attending an exciting event. Procure a fantastic venue several months in advance so you can take advantage of the opportunity of a great deal. Renting game tables is a great way to make the experience more realistic. However, a less expensive option is to use plain tables and place green, felt tablecloths over them. Decide whether to hire professional dealers or to hire a friend to serve this role. Professional dealers may be more expensive, but they will also be experienced with giving casino guests a great time and are trained on how to teach casino games.

Raising Money

Given that you can't raise funds through gambling, you will need to find other ways to generate a profit. This can be through the sale of food and beverages, auctions, ticket sales, and the corporate sponsorship of tables. Finger food is an ideal option because it goes well with alcoholic beverages. Serving alcohol will not only be profitable, but it will also increase the turnout at your event. Make sure to clarify the cause that the fundraiser will be dedicated to, and many guests will be more willing to spend money on the event in order to give to the cause.

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