Others are being affected by Tom with Home Protection

Lois Alcosser wrote the linked article on the Wilton Bulletin.  It is an interesting read concerning the future of the human race when computerized voices start becoming the norm.  It is all revolving around the trend of spam callers like Tom with Home Protection.


Help others fight this type of illegal spam telemarketing.  Go to Stop “Tom with Home Protection” to see what you can do.

You can see my experiences with Tom at Tom with Home Protection.

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Tom with Home Protection

I’m straying from my DJ advice for just a bit here. I think it’s an important topic though.

Over the last year I’ve been plagued with calls on my cell from a recorded message telemarketer. It all starts off with “Hi this is Tom with Home Protection“. From the first call I was pretty sure it was a recording. I asked a couple of questions on a more personal note and the answers to my questions didn’t seem quite right.  Since then I’ve been called almost every day from different numbers but the same recording. It doesn’t seem to matter if I opt out by calling back and pressing “1″.  In fact, it just increases the number of calls I get. If I block the call on my Verizon account it’s quiet for about 4 days then a new number starts calling. Unfortunately, I’ve been silent, thinking this was going to go away on it’s own.

To my surprise and appreciation there are others that are not content with ignoring the problem. They are fighting to eradicate this illegal practice of spam telemarketing.

I encourage everyone that has been burdened by this low life company to help in the movement. Add your voice to the growing number of people who aren’t sitting for this anymore.

Call your congressman. Report the numbers to your local authorities and attorney general. Get the word out about what is happening so others won’t fall victim to this immoral ploy to skirt our laws.

Please show your support on both of the following sites.
Help stop tom
stop tom with home protection

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